Mass Effect Andromeda Guide To Meridian: The Way Home Mission

As players travel along Mass Effect Andromeda in finding a new home, they must also prepare to beat Archon when they reach Meridian: The Way Home mission. However, they still need to finish several objectives in order to face this mortal enemy.

For players to start their final mission, they need to talk to Suvi first. Once they are done with the conversation, they can now send three probes namely Civki, Vaalon and Hefena to gather data, which they need to examine thereafter.

After they are done investigating the scourged data, they have to speak to the whole crew that they need to return to Remnant City using Civki, according to Polygon. Once they have reached their destination, they will see the markers and move towards there.

There will be several doors they need to pass through before reaching a console. However, it does not mean that things will get easier once they have activated it. Nevertheless, players can now use Sara Ryder whenever they are playing Mass Effect Andromeda.

They need to get their weapons because before they reach the maintenance access, as they will be fighting some enemies. Once they are done, they can send the signal to restore Pathfinder's Implant. They need to reboot SAM to use their old character in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Moreover, players also need to fix the gravity before heading back to Tempest. Using the Nomad, they need to drive along the valley until they reach their destination. They will be facing some kett guards, so again, there will be fighting. After successfully taking down the guards, they will be entering Meridian.

They need to destroy the Archon to gain the full control of the Meridian. In order to do that, they must activate the gravity to take down every enemy that will try to stop them from reaching it. Once they have defeated the final boss, they need to wait for the console to be activated, which means several waves of enemies will still show up and players must fight them.

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