Final Fantasy XV Celebrates Gladio's Birthday While Bringing Up April Fools Joke

Final Fantasy XV is celebrating Gladio's birthday by posting a special picture on its official Twitter account. Meanwhile, while its April Fools' joke might not be legit, they found a way to sneak it in the birthday photo.

Square Enix Holds An April Fools Characters Side Story

According to DualShockers, Square Enix decided to join in on the April fun and posted a set of tweets regarding a brand new character episode. Strangely enough, this does not focus on major characters like Luna or Ardyn but on Kenny who is a major mascot in the game. Episode Kenny features a new menu with its own unique modes like Score Attack, Score Ranking and Extra Battle.

The studio also posted the promotional teaser along with the main plot as Kenny must journey to collect the Royal Salmon to become the "once and future mascot" of the game. Moreover, there is even a short gameplay teaser featuring an actual Kenny roaming around the river. He also has a royal arms animation similar to Noctis' but his weapons are fish instead.

Twitter Account Posts Final Fantasy XV Birthday Picture

Despite being an obvious trick, Square Enix still announced that it was its April Fools' joke on Twitter. Even so, the developer posted a heartwarming picture on its official account in honor of Gladio's birthday. "Poor Kenny summoned the Arimgoldfish for nothing but to say sorry we invited him to Gladio's Birthday!" read the caption.

The image shows Prompto taking a picture of Gladio holding party poppers in one hand and embracing Kenny in the other. Noctis also joins the two for the picture while Ignis is holding a large birthday cake.

For those looking for a more serious DLC experience, they can turn to the recently released episode Gladiolus character story. There, they will take up the role of the said hero who is in search for greater power and must confront the iconic franchise villain, Gilgamesh. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XV is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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