'The Mummy' Reboot Trailer: Will Tom Cruise Save London From The Supernatural Attack?

"The Mummy" reboot has got its second official trailer. Universal Pictures released it on Sunday and gave out more details about the upcoming movie, starring Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe. The trailer shows that the Mummy attacks London and turns the city into a disaster. Now, it's up to Tom to do something to stop the supernatural force from devastating the British capital.

The new trailer reveals a few things about the Mummy. The unstoppable force goes on a rampage and destroys a number of structures in London. The face looks like a giant cloud that rises over the Thames. The Palace of Westminster is not far away from that distance. With the Mummy's mouth open, anything is possible. Everything started after Tom Cruise accidentally revives the mummified soul of Princess Ahmanet, a murderous ancient Egyptian princess.

The movie, directed by Alex Kurtzman, is going to release on June 9. However, it has already created a buzz among viewers. Kurtzman earlier told Slash Films that the movie would be full of suspense, adventure,and horror. Even though it is technically not a horror movie, it will have moments of horror that will scare the sh*t out of viewers, he said. That's why the movie needed a protagonist who is unpredictable. According to him, the audience should be deeply concerned about Tom Cruise, instead of having confidence in him. The director believes the movie is realistic, and that's why it has a "human" hero.

"The Mummy" reboot's second trailer opens with an explosion and a firefight that nearly kills Tom Cruise's character, Nick. Russel Crowe tells Cruise that he was "chosen" to unleash Princess Ahmanet's soul. The trailer uses "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stone to create the mood of the movie. It'll be worth waiting to see if Tom Cruise manages to save London from Princess Ahmanet's vengeance-minded spirit.

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