‘Boxer' Justin Trudeau Wants To Punch Matthew Perry, Chandler Bing Is 'Scared' Now

Forget WrestleMania 33 or any other WWE matches. It's time to see the boxing genius of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, this is the time. And, his fierce opponent is going to be his school-time bully Matthew Perry, better known as Chandler Bing on "Friends." Trudeau is all set to take revenge, as it was Perry who beat him up during their school days. Now that Justin has the Canadian army to fight for him, Perry is scared for all the valid reasons.

The Canadian prime minister earlier challenged Perry to go for a rematch. These two had a fight more than 35 years back, and that time Perry turned out to be the winner. Years passed, Perry grew up to build his sarcastic prowess to portray Chandler. Justin, on the other hand, built muscles over the years. For obvious reasons, the Canadian PM wants to have the rematch. He challenged Perry on Twitter, and he chose the April Fool's Day to post the challenge.

It all started when Perry earlier admitted on the "Jimmy Kimmel Show" that he once beat Justin up in primary school. However, Perry was not alone. He ganged up with a friend to beat up the younger boy out of sheer jealousy. According to Perry, there might be another reason why they decided to beat Justin up. "I think he was the only kid in school that we could beat up," he told Kimmel. Things are different now. The BBC notes that boxing happens to be one of the hobbies the Canadian PM enjoys.

According to CBC, both Perry and Trudeau attended Rockcliffe Park Public School in Ottawa. The famous actor responded to Trudeau's challenge in a typical Chandler fashion. He is intelligent enough not to accept the challenge, at least not now. "I think I will pass at your request for a rematch kind sir (given that you currently have an army at your disposal)," Perry replied.

Fans, who were expecting a Justin Trudeau vs Matthew Perry rematch, will be utterly disappointed.

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