Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Galaxy X Release Dates Revealed By Chinese Leaker

Samsung is well on its way to bury last year's embarrassment with the release of the Galaxy S8 which has been welcomed with open arms by the tech world for its game-changing design and specifications. The Korean tech giant is not done, though. A leak recently surfaced indicating that Samsung's Galaxy X and Galaxy Note 8 will come this year, specifically in that order.

A Chinese leaker who goes by mmddj_china posted a couple of tweets on March 29 hinting on the possible release dates of the two Samsung devices. First, the leaker tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come in Q4. Another tweet followed a couple of minutes later which indicated that the Galaxy X will come in Q3. Though the tweets did not specify the year when the two Samsung handsets will be released, the consensus is that they will arrive this year. Trusted Reviews noted that previous rumors about the galaxy X signified a possible 2017 release for the foldable handset.

Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy X, also known as "Project Valley", have been around for quite some time now. The Korean conglomerate first introduced the concept of a foldable or flexible screen in 2011. The Galaxy X gained traction late last year after a patent for a device that "can be folded or unfolded semi-automatically" surfaced. The Galaxy X name was also officially trademarked last month, a development seen by some as an indication that the foldable device is on its way.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Know Your Mobile reported that it is 100 percent sure that it will come in 2017. Samsung's efforts to prevent another Galaxy Note 7 debacle are the main reasons why the successor will be released within the year. The move is seen as risky as the company has fallen hard with regards to consumer trust even in its homeland. Despite his, Samsung is hoping the Galaxy Note 8, supposedly codenamed either "Baikal" or "Great", will have the same success that the Galaxy S8 is currently having.

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