'The Boss Baby' Tops US Box Office, Dethrones 'Beauty And The Beast'; 'Ghost In A Shell' Suffers A Flop

"The Boss Baby" has finally dethroned the long-running number one in the box office, "Beauty And The Beast" ending with a $49 million (£39 million) debut this weekend. Following the Beast's success, "The Baby Boss" has narrowly edged out the previous two-week leader which stars Emma Watson that has grossed $48 million (£38.2 million) in its third weekend. "The Boss Baby" stars Alec Baldwin voicing a suit-clad baby. Unfortunately, Paramount Pictures allegedly suffers another flop with its controversy-plagued "Ghost in the Shell".

According to Yahoo, Paramount's "Ghost in the Shell" starring Scarlett Johansson apparently couldn't compete with either family-friendly release. It was found that the science-fiction remake of the Japanese anime classic has ended its first opening day with just $19 million (£15.1 million). That said, Johansson's movie is considerably failing its expectation not to mention its expenses which amounted to $110 million (£87.6 million) to make.

'The Boss Baby' Tops US Box Office

Meanwhile, in one of his statements reported by The Guardian, Chris Aronson, Fox distribution chief officer said that they were really expecting a decent opening for "The Boss Baby" but they were really not expecting the number one spot. Additionally, Aronson has partly credited the movie's gross income to Baldwin's aura, whose impression of Trump on Saturday Night Live has lately been everywhere. Apart from Baldwin's voice being recognizable, Aronson described him as someone who is so relevant now because of the other things he's been doing right now.

Furthermore, other movies that have made it to the top 10 are: "Logan" with $6.2 million, "Get Out" ending with $5.8 million, "Life" who bagged $4.6 million, "CHiPs" with $4 million and "The Zookeeper's Wife" with a total gross income of $3.3 million. Moving forward, landing in the 5th spot is "Kong: Skull Island" with $8.8 million, while the teen sci-fi drama Power Rangers tumbled to fourth place with $14.5 million.


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