'Riverdale’s' WonderCon Reveals Molly Ringwald As Archie’s Mom; Details Inside

For months now, a significant number of "Riverdale" fans have been constantly eager to know what's next for Archie Andrew's mom and whether who's set to take on the role. Then came the much awaited Riverdale's WonderCon held in Anaheim, CA where audience members were brought to a five-minute sizzle as the show has featured the first footage of Molly Ringwald as Mary Andrews. Fans had a chance to show how happy they were to Ringwald's big return to television as she hasn't appeared on a major television show since "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" has been off the air in 2013.

Molly Ringwald On Riverdale

According to Bustle, during the said WonderCon reveal, it shows the clip of Mary Andrews as she walks into what seems to be the Andrews home with Fred at her side. What made the fans even excited is the part where rather than Archie running to hug his mom; he was instead frozen into place while some creepy non-diegetic music plays over the scene. With that scene alone, it already reveals quite a lot about Archie's relationship with his mom, which then suggests that Archie and Mary need to sort things out before he warms up to her.

Furthermore, as per Comic Book, Ringwald is set to make her appearance starting on the show's April 13 episode, entitled as "Chapter 10: The Lost Weekend." Ringwald's character would also signal the show's shift into a higher gear as it hurtles toward its first season finale. Additionally, Ringwald's Riverdale casting has also been regarded as another bit of nostalgia-filled choice that the show has made. In one of his statements during the WonderCon, Luke Perry, who plays Fred Andrews on the show said that the first time he knew that Molly was coming to play, he wasn't so sure about it yet. However, after allegedly seeing her for about a couple of minutes, he immediately called Sarah Schechter; one of Archie Comic's CEO and told her that Ringwald was great.


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