Hearthstone On Nintendo Switch? Here's What We Know

Just before Journey to Un'Goro arrives in Hearthstone, there are speculations that Blizzard's card game can be part of Nintendo Switch. It is not the only game from the developer that has been rumored to be Switch compatible; others thought Overwatch will be part of the console also.

According to Gaming Bolt, there is no official announcement from the developer if it is working with a version for Nintendo's newest console. Hearthstone's designer, Mike Donais, explained that since it is available for iPads and mobile phones, there might be a chance that the most popular card game can come to Nintendo Switch. However, the team is focused on card designs and the expansions coming.

As per Siliconera, Donais said that he needs to discuss the whole idea to the team since they all be needing to work and to plan everything for Hearthstone to be available for Switch. Players need to wait for further announcement from Blizzard if the card game will soon be available for the latest platform.

However, if Hearthstone will be part of the Switch, it will not only benefit Blizzard but also Nintendo. The reason is that the game is not accessible for PS4 and XB1 users and if the Japanese tech company can persuade the developer, then they will both gain profits.

In addition, Nintendo can talk to Blizzard if it wants to release Overwatch for Switch. However, Jeff Kaplan, director of the company explained that developing a version for the console can be challenging but the team might grab the opportunity to create another version of their games.

Hopefully, Nintendo can push Blizzard in creating not only Hearthstone but also Overwatch for Switch. A lot of players might switch to Nintendo's lasted console, although mainly because of the latter Overwatch rather than Hearthstone. For now, take everything with a grain of salt and hope for the best.

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