Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Wants Marijuana To Be Legalized In NFL

The most hated team owner in NFL history is making some noise today. Jerry Jones stated in his recent interview that the NFL should remove the ban in using marijuana. Jones added that marijuana could actually save NFL lives.

Jerry Jones Talks About NFL Drug Policy

Drug policy is very important in any given sport. It is a way to check players if they are healthy and capable of playing the game. However, there have been numerous times when NFL players were fined an enormous amount due to using unprescribed drugs. A lot of players are defiant about the drug abuse and urges NFL to check again the rules. Yesterday, Jerry Jones talked to NFL owners and suggested that the drug policy should be removed.

Jones had multiple suggestions in order to get rid of the drug issue but not to the extent of punishing the players. Jones stated that not all NFL players who use drugs are tagged as drug addicts. This is actually the same dilemma that professional athletes like MMA fighters and WWE Superstars are dealing with. Due to the unfamiliarity of the content, the professional athletes take medicines to ease their pain not knowing that there is a certain component that is not allowed by the league. Also, most players stated that using herbal medicines such as marijuana makes them focus more and play the game better.

Jerry Jones' Legacy

Love him or hate him, Jerry Jones has one of the greatest minds in the history. Jones have proven time and time again that in making a decision, it’s either you make friends, or you add more enemies. Jones recent statement about the drug policy specifically in using marijuana created a lot of stir in the league. Jones already had a lot of enemies and he might need to add Roger Goodell on the list. Jones made a comment against Goodell and the NFL commissioner might not want to hear it.

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