Battlefield 1 News: Elite Class To Be Removed From Dominion? Here's What We Know

DICE is shaking things up in Battlefield 1 Dominion game mode. After hearing complaints from players, the developers have acknowledged the imbalance. They are reported to be implementing some changes in the form of ticket count increase as well as removal of Elite Class in the future.

One Reddit user explained that Elite class is disrupting the balance of the mode since it is overpowering. DICE is thinking of removing the particular class to avoid any problems. According to PVP Live, Elite class has been causing problems before even if not engaged in Dominion and have named the Villar Perosa Sentry and the Trench Raider responsible for the imbalance.

DICE also observed that the two members of Elite class are the reason why others wait at the spawn site in order to get either Villar Perosa Sentry or Trench Raider. They tend to forget the main objective of Dominion and that is to dominate and to capture points.

Dominion has now become a way to get the Elite class weapon kit, ignoring the main objective of the mode that is "fight to finish," as per Segment Next. Other than removing the class, DICE is also thinking of increasing Ticket Count in the mode.

Once the Ticket Count increases in Battlefield 1's Dominion, players can respawn quickly compared to limited tickets. Players have been commenting that they are having a hard time trying to catch up with their opponents in the mode.

"I think it makes total sense to up the Ticket Count and remove Elite Classes. I can't give an ETA, but just wanted to give you a heads-up that we've seen this and agree that we need to address it," said Jojje Dalunde (Reddit username Indigowd) one of the people behind Battlefield 1. "I've forwarded this to one of our designers," he added.

Hopefully, when DICE releases the Spring Update for Battlefield 1, it will include the fix on Dominion's problem with Elite class and low Ticket Count. It is the only way that players can enjoy any game mode without interruptions.

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