NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Trading Luol Deng To Magic? Paul George A Trade Target, Not A Free Agent?

The latest NBA trade rumors suggest that the LA Lakers are putting Luol Deng on their trading block. It seems one of the possible takers is the Orlando Magic. There are also some speculations surrounding Paul George. It appears that he is becoming a trade target of other NBA teams, and not getting out of his current teams as a free agent.

Luol Deng's Name Is On Magic's Whiteboard

In his 13 years of professional basketball career, Luol Deng has posted his lowest 10.3 points average per game with the LA Lakers. He is now past his prime at 32 years old and it is unlikely that he is still going to improve in his final three years with the team. The NBA trade rumors about Deng surfaced when Patricio Garino posted his picture showing him signing his contract with Magic.

In the background of Garino's picture is the Magic's whiteboard where names of NBA players were listed. Luol Deng's name is among those in the list which led to the current NBA trade rumors. That means the Orlando Magic has an interest in Deng. But some pundits say the trade will only materialize if the Lakers are willing to take back a contractual mistake of the Magic.

Is Paul George Trade Possible?

In another development, it seems Paul George is again at the center of recent NBA trade rumors. The All-Star small forward has stated that the competitive spirit of his teammates is questionable. He also made some comments in the past suggesting that the team doesn't get along well.

This development may have sparked current NBA trade rumors that the Indiana Pacers are thinking of trading Paul George and no longer releasing him as a free agent. If indeed the Pacers will trade George, the likely taker is the Los Angeles Lakers. Pundits based this scenario on some NBA rules that are related to the NBA draft lottery.

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