NBA Trade Rumors: Are The Bulls Easing Out Jimmy Butler? Carmelo Anthony Accepting New York Knicks Trade?

w good.The latest speculations in the league seem to imply that Jimmy Butler is "good as gone" from the Chicago Bulls after the end of the current season. This recent development is a complete turnaround for the Bulls since they vehemently held on to Butler despite many NBA trade rumors before the deadline in February. It now appears that for some time now, Butler's relationship with the Bulls' front office is not that good.

Butler Is Now More Attractive To Other NBA Teams

Previous NBA trade rumors suggested that the Boston Celtics were interested in the three-time All-Star guard prior to the trade deadline. Now, if any team acquires Butler, it can get a top-performing guard on a very affordable contract price. This led some NBA pundits to say that several NBA teams will be interested in acquiring Butler from the Bulls.

Carmelo Anthony Seems To Have Changed His Mind

It appears that the same thing is happening to Carmelo Anthony vis-a-vis his relationship with his current team, the New York Knicks. The latest NBA trade rumors are suggesting that Anthony is now amenable to a trade this offseason. He still holds the cards in whatever negotiation that may develop with his no-trade clause contract.

However, there are recent reports saying that the Knicks are now committed to moving the All-Star small forward. On his part, Anthony seems to be entertaining thoughts about his future on a different team. This was very evident in his comments after the Knicks' loss to the Miami Heat, last Wednesday, at their home court in Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks Are Getting An Overhaul

It seems that the Knicks are building up their defenses this offseason. This effectively signals an overhaul of the team's organization which means the likely departure of Anthony. There are speculations suggesting that the Knicks are interested in Josh Jackson of Kansas, as well as George Hill of Utah that will give the team a new identity. This situation has led to some NBA trade rumors that Anthony may be traded to the LA Clippers.

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