Try These Super Useful And Fun Amazon Echo Alexa Voice Commands

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 05, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

The Amazon Echo has done an excellent job of finding a way to combine simplicity and intelligence in its new voice command device named Alexa. A lot of interested buyers have found out about this accomplishment after spending time getting to know their new AI assistant. It's surprisingly easy to get to know all of its amazing features, and its practical use have gone beyond anyone has ever imagined.

However, the retail and now tech giant have made sure to embed in its newest and strangest gadget a crazy amount of possibilities that you can find pleasure in using. Several headlines have covered some of its most common and practical tricks to get the most out of this gizmo. Below are 20 of the most useful features that you can try on this smart assistant.

First on the list of this amazing Amazon Echo voice command assistant is its impressive ability to access any type of music buried deep on the dozen playlists. Next, it can provide you an instant weather report by asking queries about any day's weather. According to PopSci, it can also give you the latest news anywhere and anytime, manage your shopping list, and of course, be your reliable alarm clock and schedule organizer.

Next, it can give you sports updates, and plan your movie night by providing info on any movies and when you can watch it. You can also ask any questions and it will find answers from the web. One of its interesting features is that it can also seriously tell both good and bad jokes if you want to listen to one.

Other impressive Amazon Echo Alexa capabilities according to USA Today, is that it can conveniently call you a cab, provide background music for you to sleep into, and even order a pizza when you're hungry. For fitness buff, it can start a workout program for you, and even track your fitness stats. Finally, it can turn on TED Talk videos for you to learn something new, get recipes for you to cook, book a vacation, control your smart home, and even facilitate for you to play games when you're bored.

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