NieR Automata Achieves A New Milestone; Details Here

Previously, it was reported that NieR Automata gathered less attention during its development stage. Moreover, the future of its sales remains unclear during that time given that the original game's sale was less on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Thankfully, it appears that the team would not worry encountering similar issue as NieR Automata gathered success worldwide.

WCCFTech reported that Square Enix confirmed that the shipment and sales of the game had moved its way pass the one million mark. It is a tremendous achievement for the game considering that the game was released for not over a month.

NieR Automata features a gameplay experience that is very diverse, similar to other games directed by Yoko Taro. The game director revealed that he is weary of making AAA games that feature an experience with slight changes during the whole duration of the game. For this very reason, the director wanted to create games that have unexpected twists and turns.

Meanwhile, the game has impressed critics due to its unique style of storytelling and Platinum Games' style of action that was implemented in the game. In addition, the report mentions that the game is deserving to win the Game of the Year award, not for the story being told but rather, how 2B's story was told.

NieR Automata made players envision whether Androids have the capability of bearing emotion at all or they are just functioning based on how they are programmed. The game rewards the longtime fans of Yoko Taro's works with gameplay experiences that go beyond any single genre. Though, it appears that NieR Automata is not a perfect game, the integration of Platinum's style of action results in an impressive output.

NieR Automata is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, information regarding the upcoming DLCs for the game remain unclear as to date. Players are recommended to wait for further announcements.

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