‘Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Ready For Jail Time After Quitting The Show

In a stunning turn of events, Abby Lee Miller calls it quits from her show, “Dance Moms”. Miller posted on her IG a lengthy caption on how upset she was with the producers in trying to manipulate her every move.

Abby Lee Miller Had Enough

The final nail in the coffin for “Dance Moms” Season 8 was made yesterday when Abby Lee Miller dropped the bomb right after the fierce competition in the Nationals. The cast and crew were in disbelief with Abby Lee Miller’s decision. There were a lot of speculations about Abby Lee Miller's decision but none bigger than her fraud case.

Jail Time Inevitable For Abby Lee Miller

Miller’s ongoing legal battle doesn’t have any verdict as of the moment. However, as reported previously, the District Attorney has finalized the case and Abby Lee Miller is already preparing for a possible jail time. For those who missed the previous episode of the show, Abby Lee Miller made a surprise appearance. The cast and crew were divided on Abby Lee Miller’s return. The producers of the show were able to find “replacements” for Abby but her coming back just destroyed the producer's plan.

Also, prior to dropping the bomb, Miller stated in her interview that she is still positive about her future. The 50-year-old dance instructor also mentioned about adjusting to the correctional facility. The fear of being surrounded by inmates cannot be erased due to the things that she hears every now and then. With regards to the duration of her case, Miller doesn’t have any idea yet. Currently, the District Attorney is pushing for a maximum of 5 years, while Miller is still hoping that it would last only for about 2 months.

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