NBA Countdown: Michelle Beadle Replaces Sage Steele, Twitter Memes Went Viral

A few months ago, Sage Steele made a comment on her social media account that puts her name in a limbo. Unfortunately, everybody still remembers her action and it might be the main reason why she is being replaced by Michelle Beadle in NBA Countdown. Also, when the news broke out, numerous Twitter memes went viral depicting Steele’s departure.

Social Media Fiasco

Maybe Charles Barkley was right. Social media won’t do anything good to anybody especially if they are a celebrity. Often times, celebrities take their frustration to social media. Their anger cannot be contained and used unnecessary words to burst out their feelings. Sage Steele made a stir when she commented about being late going to LAX due to people rallying at the airport. It was the same moment when President Donald Trump announces Muslim ban.

Sage Steele Out

A lot of fans were absolutely in disbelief when Sage Steele made the comment considering that she is very professional towards anybody. Multiple social media trolls call Sage Steele insensitive and self-centered. The “cyber-bullying” didn’t end there as trolls made numerous memes using her image. Steele is also not being positively received in the black community. When ESPN announced that Sage Steele will be replaced, the black community rejoiced. There’s a post right now that is taking over the internet stating, “It is the first time ever black people are happy that a black person is losing their job from a white person”.

Michelle Beadle In

On the other hand, Steele’s replacement is no rookie. Michelle Beadle has been in the business for quite some time right now. Beadle is the co-host for Sports Nation and well-known in the sporting community. Michelle Beadle was interviewed about the recent changes in NBA Countdown. Beadle stated that she’ll miss working with her co-host but she has to move on.

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