Apple To Push The Reset Button On The Upcoming Mac Pro

Apple has just reshuffled the Mac Pro pricing and configuration. The company has also confirmed that it will be resetting its Mac Pro line sometime in the near future. The said line is expected to come with a high-end modular system and Apple-branded external display. Essentially, the discontinued Thunderbolt display could also make a comeback.

Apple's New Mac Pro Pricing

Per Mac Rumors, the model that used to be priced at $3,999 is now the base model priced at $2,999. The 8-core model equipped with dual D700 GPU is now the farther end configuration that's priced at $3,999. Additionally, the quad-core model that sports a dual AMD FirePro D300 GPU and 12 GB RAM is now changed into a 6-core device with dual D500 GPU and 18 GB worth of RAM. The 6-core model on the other hand that used to have a dual AMD FirePro D500 GPU is now changed into an 8-core device with D700 GPU and 16 GB RAM.

Upcoming Mac Pro Upgrades

As per Apple's Phil Schiller, the company is currently in the process of completely rethinking the Mac Pro. Schiller said that there is already a team that is working on it. It was said that the company's goal is to architect something that will keep the Mac Pro fresh with regular improvements.

Additionally, as part of the rethought Mac Pro, Schiller said that it is, by definition, a modular system. There will also be a "pro display". Nevertheless, the marketing chief said that this new product won't make an appearance this year as it is still in the process of completion, Tech Crunch reported.

In the meantime, Schiller is confident that there are still a good number of people who continue to patronize the current Mac Pros. He said that the current units still meet the needs of some of its clients. Nevertheless, he also admits knowing that there are different varieties of customers and some may not be as satisfied as the others. With that, the company updated the configurations to make the Mac Pro faster and more penny-worthy.

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