Moto X (2017) Makes A Cameo In A Rap Video

Trolling has taken a life of its own and Motorola seems to have taken that path to sort of introduce its upcoming flagship device. Moto USA unveiled a new YouTube video yesterday in which the Moto X (2017) may just have made a cameo appearance.

The video is called "Hello Moto, Hello Innovation - A Motorola Rap". The rap video celebrates Motorola and its contribution to the world - the cellular phone. The very first handheld cellular mobile phone was actually invented by a guy named Martin "Marty" Cooper in 1973 who was working for Motorola at the time.

Cooper's cell phone, dubbed the DynaTAC, could be seen at the beginning of the video. It was the first device shown in a montage of mobile phones manufactured by the company which also included the iconic Razr. Of all the handsets shown in the montage, only two cannot be accounted for. According to Android Headlines, this may mean that one of them is possibly the Moto X 2017.

While the concept for the video ad is brilliant and the rap song is quite good, the video itself is nothing to shout about. It comes in a poor 480p quality which, as GSMArena pointed out, made it quite difficult to see and study the details. The video was clear enough, however, to help one pinpoint a particular device in the montage. One of the smartphones in question sports antenna lines and a loudspeaker. It must be noted that antenna lines have not been seen on Moto handsets for a long while now. The other unknown Moto phone comes in white and has what seems like a 3.5mm audio port for headphones. It also as three dots at the bottom arranged vertically which may be the device's speakers.

Images of the Moto X 2017 were supposedly leaked late last year. A side-by-side comparison of the leaked images and the two anonymous Moto handsets in the rap video would show three different smartphones. The device in the leak shows a Motorola phone with a gold, metallic body. Also visible is a rear camera with dual-LED flash and the Motorola logo. This makes it a tad more difficult to assume which one is the real Moto X 2017.

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