Here's Everything To Know About The Persona 5 Copyright Controversy

Atlus has forbidden players from sharing any parts of the Persona 5 plot or gameplay due to certain reasons, which have led to a copyright controversy. Those who will disobey the company will ultimately get sued for doing so.

The Persona 5 Copyright Controversy

According to Polygon, Atlus is taking all the extreme measure to make sure that nobody spoils the story of its latest game. Fittingly enough, a role-playing game's (RPG) core factor lies within its carefully driven plot that could easily be spoiled by a simple wrong click on the internet. To stop such measures, the company has gone to great lengths to make sure nobody can share any form of gameplay online.

To begin with, the "Share" button on the PS4 has been disabled meaning players cannot record nor take screenshots in-game. This restriction even applies to trophies, as the game will not save any images if players earn one, be it bronze or even platinum. This alone has sparked outrage in the community as they would have to rely on other mediums to save their pictures.

However, this is not the only thing Atlus did as they have also issued an official warning to streamers: "If you decide to stream past 7/7 (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT DOING THIS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED), you do so at the risk of being issued a content ID claim or worse, a channel strike/account suspension."

Denying The Message Before The Game Begins

With this in mind, fans should be careful when sharing their clips online as it could lead to major penalties. Needless to say, the community is absolutely outraged over the company's actions as the game's message is actually about fighting against oppression. Similarly, the game will pose a question to fans before the game starts asking if they believe the game is fictional. Kotaku reports that if players choose to not agree with this, they cannot continue onward.

This seems to be yet another possible legal factor that Atlus is trying to take as the game contains some surprising locations from the real world - specifically Tokyo. Either way, fans can still enjoy Persona 5 on the PS3 and PS4 despite the ongoing copyright controversy.

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