Abby Lee Miller Gathers The Minis For A New Dance Show; Miller's New Project To Rival 'Dance Moms?'

Abby Lee Miller might have been replaced in her longtime reality show on Lifetime network, but the ALDC owner is not backing out on her dance career just yet. Much more when it comes to showing her former show's producers that she can make it on her own. New hints are all over the internet on Miller's collaboration with her Minis team for a new show that might be pitted by a new network against "Dance Moms."

It might be interesting to see Abby Lee Miller going against a show that she has established for six long years. The ALDC owner is rumored to start a new dance show with a new network. She has actually hinted on a new project last February but it was not clear whether it will be a series with a new channel and what the show's theme might be.

However, a former "Dance Moms" star and a mother of a former Minis dancer, Sari Lopez, recently dropped a noteworthy update about Abby Lee Miller's new career plans. Lopez admitted to meeting with the dance coach where she learned that Miller is pitching a new show with the Minis in another network. This came after her shocking revelation about the Lifetime's fakery on the "Dance Moms" scenes and her stand to defend Miller while the Junior Elite dance moms rejoice over the coach's flee.

It can be recalled that the Junior Elites abandoned Abby Lee Miller after a few weeks of being absent and landed on a new studio with Chloe Lukasiak. As of late, the new team is working with "Dance Moms" newly signed choreographer, Cheryl Burke, to finish the filming of the show's season 7B. The Minis, on the other hand, disbanded after Miller laid down her resignation.

It might not be too long though before the "Dance Moms" fans will get to see the young dancers reunited as they might indeed be coming back to work with Abby Lee Miller. It is undeniable that the 50-year-old dance teacher has a special connection with her younger dancers than the Junior Elites. From the bombshell that Sari Lopez dropped, she confessed how Miller condemns the fact that she wanted to trim the Junior Elites but was rather forced to make the cut from the Minis.

The question though that most fans currently have are how long will Abby Lee Miller be working on her new project with the Minis with possible jail time just around the around. It has already become a general knowledge that the former Lifetime reality star might go to jail anytime soon as she is about to hear her sentencing in May. However, if the court generously grants her request to go on probation, her new show might be pitted to "Dance Moms" season 7B where she is still a part of or a yet theoretical season 8.

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