Here's One Way To Fix The Pokemon GO Downtime Problem

Pokémon GO took everyone by storm last summer by finally giving players the chance to catch real monsters from the game. However, the game has lost much of its fanbase due to its immense downtime and lack of extra activities.

The mobile Pokémon game had a recent trend of gaining a surge of popularity before quickly dying off once again. The hype is enough for some consumers to re-download the game but not enough for them to continue playing afterward. Because of this, there is a certain "downtime" between events wherein the monster-catching game becomes too plain.

One main reason behind this lies with the lack of bonus incentive to play, as per Forbes. With festivals and events, players have some sort of reason to go out and hunt rare Pokémon or gain new items. With this in mind, it seems like Pokémon GO needs to expand its login bonuses by potentially adding quests to draw in more players.

It seems like the basic formula of the game has become somewhat lackluster, as many netizens have become bored of seeing the same monsters continuously. By adding some other incentives like small daily XP or Stardust bonuses, it will give them more reasons to keep playing.

Moreover, they could even include certain activities like visit five Pokestops for a certain reward or catch a Pokémon with a single throw for bonus XP. These quests would give players more reasons to explore the area while maintaining the game's popularity.

Although, this does not mean that the app is suffering from a lack of players as Business Insider reports that there are still 65 million monthly active players. Nevertheless, it would not hurt Niantic to implement more incentives to further increase those numbers.

Niantic has yet to share any details about potential quests in the game. Until then, fans can play Pokémon GO for free by downloading it from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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