Developers Want Final Fantasy XV To Have Mobile Version

Final Fantasy XV became an instant hit soon after its launching. This isn't something that's surprising really, as it came from a critically acclaimed franchise. Now, Square Enix wants to put the game into a whole new level by conquering the mobile game industry. That's right -- the studio is highly interested in developing a mobile version of the title.

According to Android Community, the video game company is pushing Final Fantasy XV into the mobile realm. As soon as everything's set, it'll be called Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Interestingly, the studio plans to incorporate a different kind of strategy -- one that will put the title a notch higher from the competition.

As of this writing, the Final Fantasy XV mobile version is on a soft launch and is already available in New Zealand. It is uncertain if the game is really available on the said country. Or perhaps, Square Enix has started bringing the title to another location. It still boasts with the same characters namely, Noctis, Cindy, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto. As for the gameplay, it obviously differs in a lot of ways.

It's worth noting that the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV isn't an RPG -- something that fans are used to with the titular franchise. Instead, players will be asked to build structures and cities where they can conduct research on various upgrades or advancements for the heroes and troops alike. Players can even choose gears that are specifically themed for a character's skills, sets and gems.

It remains a mystery as to when the Final Fantasy XV mobile version will undergo a global launch. This is probably due to Square Enix smoothening things out. And once done, then it's very likely for the international community to get hold of it.

In related Final Fantasy XV news, the official soundtrack of the game (intended for the PlayStation 4 version) is being sold at $1. PlayStationLifeStyle reports that the price will only exist until April 18. The purchased content, however, will "expire and become unavailable" soon after June 18, the official description reads.

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