Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals Reason Behind Unfinished Story

Almost every Final Fantasy XV player knows that there's something missing in the game's storyline. Or at least, it's what most of them in the community think. Apparently, though, there's actually an interesting reason behind this. That the developers at Square Enix actually did this on purpose. Lo and behold, here's why.

In a recent interview, as reported by Push Square, the game's very own director Hajime Tabata revealed that the game's story was left incomplete on purpose. Although he did not directly say why, he mentioned about how they have always wanted for the players to "experience the story" in the perspective of Noctis. In the game, all the events and happenings are all seen through the character's eyes.

Tabata even went to say that they don't intend Final Fantasy XV to feature "a comprehensive and perfectly balanced story." So, in order to retaliate this, the developers went to focus on the importance of the game's main characters. And only through this, as what they think, will both the players and Noctis be able to "share the same experience" all throughout.

As the publication suggests, Tabata's way is quite unorthodox. It's not like players will get to see this kind of storytelling each day or in every title out there. Nonetheless, it can be discerned that the developers of the game are into something huge. Or perhaps, for the lack of better description, they're funneling a situation.

With this scenario, it can also be thought of that the Final Fantasy XV developers want to capitalize on this via DLCs. After all, it is the most feasible way that anyone can think of. And it's actually a good path, as it means sales. Speaking of content, GodIsAGeek reports that the game's forthcoming DLC called Gladio will sum up to a total of two hours gameplay. It's said to fill in a void in the game's storyline, something that players are expecting to bring a unique thing to the table.

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