Ultimate Drop Test: Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Not As Strong As You Think

XeeTech and Techrex on YouTube decided to take the Samsung Galaxy S8 and put it through a drop test. The Galaxy S8 was chosen for the test, rather than its larger sibling, but the Galaxy S8 Plus would likely meet a similar fate, given the circumstances. Both without a case on them, a Galaxy S8 and a special red iPhone 7 were both dropped onto concrete from five feet up.

The first drop was on the side of the device; the iPhone 7 fared okay, with just a few dings to show for it, while the Galaxy S8 came out looking almost brand new. Things took a much more cringe-inducing turn when the devices both met the pavement head on. Samsung's new flagship came out of the affair in pretty rough shape. The screen was completely shattered in multiple places, and the back and sides were well worn. The phone did still work, though; the damage was purely cosmetic, aside from decreased water resistance. The iPhone 7, on the other hand, met its maker, becoming fully inoperable and unresponsive on top of numerous cracks.

The Galaxy S8, the phone you might be interested in right now, was unable to survive a 5-foot drop either. When it landed on the screen, the Infinity display shattered. And while the phone did work after the accident, it clearly needs repairs. So if you're planning to buy the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, or if you've ordered it already, then go ahead and get yourself some protective gear for it, including screen protectors and a case. Remember that both the front and the back of the phone are made of glass, so they both need some protection during real life use.


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