Fire Emblem Heroes To Finally Bring This Highly-Anticipated Hero; Special Costume In Tow

One popular character from the mainline series will finally be making his way to Fire Emblem Heroes soon. On the other hand, players can now begin participating in the current Voting Gauntlet.

Ike To Join The Fray In Fire Emblem Heroes

According to Siliconera, Ike won the "Choose Your Legends" campaign wherein fans had to vote for their favorite hero from the franchise. He won the top spot for the male heroes but he has still yet to officially make an appearance in the game. However, the game's official Japanese account recently announced that he will be making his debut this summer.

For those unfamiliar, the past winners were Ike and Roy for the male category while Lucina and Lyn won in the female poll. Only Lyn, Roy and Lucina have made their appearance in the game despite Ike's popularity. However, it seems like Nintendo is making up for his absence by preparing a special version of him along with the other three winners.

Join The Voting Gauntlet Now

While fans wait for these unique units launching later after summer, they can partake in the ongoing Voting Gauntlet. This time, players will have to choose between Wyvern Ryder and Pegasus Knights as they also fight for the popularity position, as per Pocket Gamer. The first round has already begun so fans should hurry and vote and fight for their favorite unit.

On the other hand, Nintendo America has set the standard for a score of 10 billion. If fans manage to reach that number, they will earn 20 Orbs, 5,000 Universal Crystals and five of each badge. With this in mind, players should participate in the event in order for everyone to reap the mentioned rewards.

Ike has been a very popularity character in the franchise and it is no surprise that he will finally be joining the fight in Fire Emblem Heroes. Those who want to play can download the game for free on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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