‘One Piece’ Episode 783 Spoilers: Whole Cake Island Arc To Start; Sanji Falls In Love With Lady Pudding; Fans Already Losing Interest?

At last, the latest "One Piece" Episode 783 spoilers reveal that the Whole Cake Island Arc will begin in this episode. And there's a twist in the story which fans will be surprised to learn. It seems that Sanji is starting to fall in love with Lady Pudding. But there's news that will make the fans very concerned. It seems that recent surveys reveal that there are some fans who are losing interest in the manga version. Why?

Sanji Will Fall In Love With Pudding

But first things first. If the recent rumors are true, then fans can now enjoy watching what they have been waiting for - the start of the Whole Cake Island Arc of "One Piece" Episode 783. The spoilers say that Sanji will fall madly in love with Lady Pudding upon seeing her picture. There are also new visuals that were released by the creators of the show to tease the waiting fans.

One of the visuals for "One Piece" Episode 783 shows Sanji and Luffy on the forefront, and Big Mom and her coterie on the background. The picture seems to portray a very angry Luffy being stopped by Sanji. This could provide some spoilers that suggest a change in the mindset of Sanji towards Pudding. And if so, there will be a problem with the rescue mission being clandestinely undertaken by the Straw Hat Pirates.

A Survey Shows Fans Are Already Losing Interest In The Manga

The news about "One Piece" Episode 783 that will make the fans worried is related to a survey conducted about the popularity of the manga series. Apparently, the poll conducted revealed that there are fans who are reportedly losing interest in the manga version. The purported reason is that the story is just dragging along.

Will This Affect The Anime?

There are even rumors saying that many of these fans have already stopped reading the manga version of "One Piece." They claim that the story is becoming too long to sustain the reader's interest. If these rumors are true, it may have an adverse effect on the popularity of "One Piece" Episode 783. Will this affect the viewership of the anime series? Please leave your comments below.

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