Final Fantasy XV Hero Noctis Could Make His Way To Kingdom Hearts 3

The Kingdom Hearts 3 polls are back with the results and the Final Fantasy XV protagonist has taken his throne as the most popular character fans would like to see in the game. Because of this, is there a chance that the upcoming KH installment will bring in the prince?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Popularity Poll Results

The KH series delighted fans for its whimsical mix of both Disney and Final Fantasy characters back in 2002. Characters from both worlds would take up arms and fight against evil with Sora and company. Since then, the fanbase has expanded in bounds along with the various crossovers as well.

With yet another installment on the way, fans cannot help but voice out their own personal crossovers from both universes. According to Twinfinite, Famitsu held a recent popularity poll regarding which FF character fans would like to see appear in a KH game. The results are back in and Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum came out on top with a whopping 237 votes out of 990.

Following him in the poll is the leading lady of FFXIII, Lighting, who came at a close second with 201 votes. Next is Zidane from FFIX at 81 votes, Chocobos at 30 and FFV's Bartz Klauser at 22. Judging by the immense popularity trailing behind him, there might be a good chance that he will make his first debut in the third KH game.

Final Fantasy XV Noctis To Join The Game?

Even so, Square Enix has yet to confirm anything so fans will have to keep waiting for further announcements. Just Push Start reports that the game is still under development with most of the information still under wraps. Nonetheless, fans are still looking forward to the upcoming title along with the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy XV is the latest addition to the mainline franchise and also set an impressive record for the series in general. Adding popular characters from that specific title would surely make Kingdom Hearts 3 a major hit with the fanbase.

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