iPhone 6 Concept Rumor Features Projected Keyboard (Video)

The iPhone 6 rumor mill continues to churn, working toward the handset's inevitable release date, which, as we reported earlier, might be sooner than expected. As always, in lieu of any official announcements from Cupertino, Apple fanboys and fangirls are taking to the web with their own wild-eyed designs for the iPhone 6. Many of these are not only feasible, but actually boast features that Apple might do well to incorporate into the next iteration of iOS devices.

It's unclear whether an iPhone 6 concept from YouTuber Sonitdac is feasible or even practical, but without a doubt, it features one of the neatest ideas we've ever seen baked into an iPhone 6 concept.

The iPhone 6 concept video, which you can find embedded at the bottom of this page, boasts two sets of dual projectors on either side of the chassis, which more or less resembles that of the iPhone 5.

The magic happens when the iPhone 6 is placed on a flat surface in landscape mode. In the video, a set of projectors facing the user generates a holographic keyboard while the set of projectors facing the other way create a floating OS X desktop. The video then demonstrates a user typing out a note, then watching what appears to be an HD video streaming through the projectors.

While the idea of a projected desktop experience baked into the iPhone 6 is undoubtedly very cool, it's probably not going to happen. The Iron Man-style mechanics of the imagined iPhone 6 look smooth enough in the video, but it seems unlikely at best that this could be incorporated into a working model. On the other hand, Apple has shown an interest in continuing to blur the line between iOS and OS X for some time now, perhaps most notably with the addition of an iOS-style Notification Center and App Store in its desktop operating system.

At any rate, we'll likely have to wait at least until Apple's WWDC keynote in June to find out anything official regarding the iPhone 6, but we're going to keep our fingers crossed for holographic projector keyboards.

iPhone 6 Rumors: Concept Video Posits Holographic Keyboard

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