'Dance Moms' Former Coach Abby Lee Miller Terrified Of Being Sexually Abused Inside Jail

Abby Lee Miller is over a month away from her final sentencing for her fraud cases and she is reportedly feeling anxious about living a couple of months or even years inside the jail. The dance teacher though is willing to take responsibility for her crimes. Miller is also not giving up just yet on the hope of getting a favorable decision from the court when her camp pleads for probation in May.

After over a week of dealing with the effects of her resignation from "Dance Moms," Abby Lee Miller returns to face her fraud case which might oblige her to serve at least 30 months of jail time. While she has been battling her emotional issues with the producers of "Dance Moms," the horrors of imprisonment obviously did not leave her behind. Previously, Miller has been expressing how she is not yet ready to live a fraction of her life behind the bars.

While being interviewed about her flee from the popular Lifetime series, she was asked if she left the "Dance Moms" because of the possibility of going to jail. She denied the allegation and clarified that her resignation was because of another reason. However, when she was asked if she is already prepared to go to jail, she teared up while answering "No."

Abby Lee Miller pleads guilty to 20 counts of fraud last year. The coach is summoned to court on May 8 to hear the final sentencing of her case. However, the 50-year-old reality star said that they are going to try to convince the court to punish her with probation instead of imprisonment. The coach hopes for a positive result on her sentencing date as she believes that her crime did not hurt anyone.

While Abby Lee Miller feels regret over committing a crime, she said that she will take full responsibility for the act. She said that she mistakenly trusted a suggestion but she was the one who made the decision hence she is willing to embrace the consequences of her acts.

The former "Dance Moms" host previously said that she is trying to stay positive amid her case but recently she admitted how she is scared of what might happen to her while she is behind the bars. A report claims that Abby Lee Miller said she is terrified that she might be physically abused or worse, raped inside the prison. Former co-star and Sari Lopez also reportedly revealed how Abby is feeling nervous about the outcome but believes that she will "come out stronger" if she really has to go to jail.

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