Another Ark: Survival Evolved Center Update Coming

Players know that Ark: Survival Evolved is yet to be considered as a full game. That means its official version has yet to be developed, thus it relies on updates after updates. Nevertheless, this doesn't totally affect the popularity of the game (though it also has its own fair share of ups and downs). Now, it's been announced that a major update is coming to The Center. By the way it's described, it seems things are going to be more interesting than ever.

In the official Reddit page of Ark: Survival Evolved, one of the moderators named evilmrfrank announced the upcoming arrival of a major Center update. In his announcement, he split the details into three parts. First, things he's confident will arrive. Followed by, hings he hopes to arrive (if the studio permits) and lastly, things he wish to have been given a green light, but the studio just doesn't want to pursue.

The aforementioned moderator confirmed that a giant, new ocean expansion is coming via the Ark: Survival Evolved Center update. Through this, the oceans located in the eastern edge of the game's map will look deeper (thrice as its current size today). These extensions will be the ones to introduce "other deep sea life" such as the anglerfish.

Players can also expect to see all of the missing dinos, something that Studio Wildcard has already promised in the past. Evilmrfrank iterates that, as of the moment, there are countless creatures that don't spawn in the game. However, with the arrival of the new Center update, the video game company plans to fill this void.

Moreover, the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved plans to improve the current bosses and/or elements in the game. It's worth noting that players have been complaining about it, especially with the elements being low in comparison. In the major Center update, players will be given the option to select various difficulty levels for the bosses. Harder bosses are also confirmed to arrive.

As of this writing, the Ark: Survival Evolved Center update is yet to have an official release date. However, it's likely to arrive to the game later this month. In related news, a new patch has been deployed and mainly improved the flying dinosaurs, as reported by Express.

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