Mass Effect: Andromeda Tired Face Lady Now Better After The Patch; What Else Did BioWare Improve?

Foster Addison is a character in Mass Effect: Andromeda who rose into meme status - and not the good kind - for having dead eyes, ugly makeup and a tired face. She has taken the brunt of criticism from die-hard fans of the franchise. Good news though, BioWare has patched Mass Effect: Andromeda and patch 1.05 is live now, duct-taping most of the issues within the game including Addison's tired face.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.05 Fixed Faces

The subtle changes in both human and Asari eyes, as well as minor tweaks in color, made a huge difference for the better. Foster Addison, as well as some characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda, are no longer looking dead and awkward. BioWare has added depth in their expressions and their new eyes have made the characters feel more alive.

Although there are still issues in the game that need major fixing, like the awkward bugs and animation, fans are happy that BioWare is listening. They have taken a huge step to make Mass Effect: Andromeda better. BioWare also kept its promise to improve lip-sync and facial acting during dialogue.

Mass Effect Andromeda's Band-aid Solution

Aside from the fixes in facial animations and better lip-sync dialogue, patch 1.05 fixed other things in Mass Effect: Andromeda. People have been asking for a way to keep items since it's easy to fill up inventory space and encumber Ryder. BioWare's solution for that is adding more inventory space. Although this update is welcome, players can't help but feel it's a band-aid solution to a legitimate problem so everyone still has their fingers crossed that BioWare will work on a free way to keep items in the game.

The patch also changed and balanced a few weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda both in multiplayer and single player mode. Remnant decryption keys cost is decreased to make them more accessible and the matchmaking and latency in multiplayer were improved. To see the full patch notes, click here.

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