Jessa Duggar Shares Picture Of Her 2-Month-Old Son's First Step

By Dez Bryant , Apr 07, 2017 05:30 AM EDT

While everybody is excited to know whether Jinger Duggar is really pregnant or not, Jessa Duggar just shared a cute moment with his 2-month-old son taking its first step.

Jessa Duggar’s Baby Is Already Walking, Sort Of

One of the most special moment as a parent is to see your kids walking for the first time. Jessa Duggar Seewald and Ben Seewald is no different. Although they are celebrities, the couple still finds ways to capture priceless moments in their family. Jessa Duggar is the fifth child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Currently, Jessa and Ben are sharing their duties as parents. Their loved blossomed with two kids, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald and Henry Wilberforce Seewald.

When Jessa Duggar uploaded the picture of his son Henry, their fans were sent into a frenzy. Henry is already two months old but Jessa’s caption states that he’s only one month old. Technically, Henry didn’t walk by himself as he was assisted by his father. Jessa and Ben seem not be affected by the negativity that is being thrown to their family. Fans also applaud the way this couple reacts to such scandalous things that are being pinned to his brother Josh Duggar.

Henry’s Picture Is Now Trending Online

The photo shared by Jessa Duggar made the trending list. During the first hour of the photo being uploaded, it garnered 20k likes. Right now, it is above the 80k mark and could be one of the best pictures in the Duggar family archives. Jessa Duggar also commented on the age discrepancy between his two boys. She stated that it is actually great for them to be separated for several months only as they will be best friends while growing up. Lastly, Jessa Duggar was asked numerous times by their avid fans on social media if they are going to released another book about their family but she hasn't provided any info yet.

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