‘Riverdale' Season 1: Jason's Killer Will Shock Fans, Actress Madchen Amick Says

"Riverdale" Season 1 fans are in for a shock when they find out who killed Jason, actress Madchen Amick has revealed. The actress, who plays Alice Cooper in the series, said she did not see that kind of a twist coming. Amick said the last few episodes that the actors read at the table reads were quite intense.

Madchen Amick plays a local newspaper editor in "Riverdale," a story about a group of High School teenagers. One summer, their quarterback Jason Blossom gets killed. She said that all the actors got out of breath to know that it was going to be such a nail-biter. While she thinks fans will be shocked to know who killed Jason, she also believes they are going to enjoy it.

Madchen's explanation is justified since the murder mystery drama has managed to keep the fans on their toes so far. The way the story has progressed seems like anybody could have murdered Jason. However, there is every possibility that all the fan theories about Jason's killer might go wrong, and the makers would come up with an incredible twist.

The "Riverdale" Season 1 actress told Bustle that even actors got it wrong about their theories about who killed Jason. They had a heated conversation about it, while one person's theory was dismissed by another's. The fans will come to know soon about Jason's killer, but that does not mean the series will stop being mysterious. A lot more are there in store for the High School teenagers. "You get to continue to see their struggles and their loss of innocence as they get older and experience things that they didn't expect they were going to have to handle," Madchen said. "There's still unanswered questions and more mystery to solve later."

Meanwhile, according to Refinery29, "Riverdale" Season 1 Episode 9 clearly established the naïveté of Archie Andrews. The episode, "La Grande Illusion," included two breakups and a suicide attempt. Episode 10 of the CW show, "The Lost Weekend," will air at 9 p.m. ET on Apr 13.

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