Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Latest South Korean Phones Face-Off Winner Is Clear

There is another smartphone battle going on and this time it is Galaxy S8 vs LG G6. Samsung gave the world its first look at their latest flagship on Mar. 29, while LG's new-fangled will already launch this coming week. But even before both devices dropped in the market and into the hands of users, reviews already abound comparing both systems. Samsung is always a crowd favorite, but LG is not something one can thumb one's nose at.

In this Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 face-off, the first thing to be discussed is the overall design. If the photo leaks are accurate, then Samsung's latest device will have a curved screen, much like their S7 Edge, and will also be thin. The S8 is also likely foregoing the home button with a virtual one in favor of a slimmer bottom bezel. Unfortunately, the fingerprint sensor also transferred places and is now situated beside the rear camera. Meanwhile, the competition has a flat screen framed with metal and backed with glass. The LG G6 is also lighter and more compact compared to its rival even if it is a tad thicker. LG also designed their latest handset to be both dust- and water-resistant so users won't have to worry about accidental spills destroying their devices. Unlike its rival, its fingerprint sensor is located smartly below the camera.

When it comes to phone display, it is a tie in the Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 showdown. The latter's latest flagship features an almost 6-inch display with a matching 2960x1440 resolution. Reportedly, the former's upcoming smartphone will have a same-sized tall display. Both devices also have similar widths. This means that both can display more items and reduce scrolling.

In this smartphone battle featuring Galaxy S8 vs LG G6, cameras also are an important thing. LG has dual 13 MP cameras at the rear, while the front camera is only 5 MP. Galaxy S8, on the other hand, will supposedly have a 12 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera. It sounds like the latter is taking the lead here, but one of LG's lenses can capture wide-angle shots. It is not yet clear if the S8 will have a similar feature, but most leaks already point to it not have dual lens.

Lastly, taking into account their processors, it is already clear who the runaway winner is in the Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 face-off. LG G6 is powered by the Snapdragon 821 making its processing speed faster. Additionally, the 835 CPU allows it to be more efficient and to have enhanced VR performance. The two things combined gives the G6 longer battery life. However, Samsung's Galaxy S8 has already been given by Qualcomm exclusive early access to Snapdragon 835. It would be powered by the latest chip, making it more powerful than its contemporary smartphones.

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