‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 7 Episode 22: CBS Gives Out Spoilers

CBS has just delivered a spoiler teaser for "Hawaii Five-0" Season 7 Episode 22. There are a couple of storylines to focus on here. The first one is about Adam discovering some bone fragments at the new construction job. He believes that the weird fragments should be investigated right away. The other one is about McGarret working on a murder case, which is about one of the USS Arizona survivors. During the investigation, he comes to know about some interesting information about his own granddad. The episode is called "Waimaka 'ele'ele," meaning "Black Tears" in the Hawaiian language.

On "Hawaii Five-0" Season 7 Episode 22, McGarret finds out that his granddad played a key role during the Pearl Harbor incident. However, it has not been revealed if McGarret is any way affected by the new information. His reaction to the fact is kept a secret at this moment. At the same time, fans should expect a new side of the story.

It has also been revealed that Adam is going to ask Jerry to help him in the investigation. Now that it is revealed that he has found some bone fragments, the question is if he will find something significant. Blasting News reports there is a possibility that the bone fragments are insignificant, and Adam should not pay any attention to those. "Hawaii Five-0" Season 7 Episode 22 is written by David Wolkove and directed by Bryan Spencer.

"Hawaii Five-0" is the story of an elite task force which aims to eliminate crimes taking place on Hawaiian beaches. CBS has Alex O'Loughlin playing detective Steve McGarrett, who went back to Oahu for the investigation of his father's death. The Naval officer-turned-cop was convinced by Hawaii's former governor to lead a new team, which has "full blanket authority" to take down the criminals in Hawaii.

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