Ark: Survival Evolved Devs Grant Fan Request, Improve Female Audio

Ark: Survival Evolved has become a hot topic recently following the flyer nerf Studio Wildcard did. While there are those who find it acceptable, most -- if not all -- of the players saw it as unnecessary. Still, the studio isn't about being a bad developer. Why? That's because they usually give in to player requests -- one of these is a request to revise the female audio.

In a Reddit post from user miran80, it stated there how the video game company listened to a particular favor from an Ark: Survival Evolved fan. Basically, there was a post in which a woman stated how uncomfortable she is with the voice of her character (a female, in particular). Apparently, the studio gave in and did the necessary changes.

Obviously, this just shows the passion Studio Wildcard has for its Ark: Survival Evolved community. Nowadays, it's barely a scene to see a video game company listening to the requests of its fanbase. Well, fortunately for the fans of the game, the developers are of a different kind. In the same post from the aforementioned social media site, another fan mentioned that the studio might want to review the male voices, too (though the studio didn't give a word or two about it).

The change the studio did to the Ark: Survival Evolved female audio is definitely a good move. This is most especially with the recent controversy the devs are facing following the nerf they did on the flying creatures. But of course, it doesn't mean the community are already satisfied.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, a new update was recently released to the game. It's called v256.3, which arrived with a good number of changes and bug fixe. One of the most notable changes is the tweak implemented on the game's User Interface (UI). Moreover, there are some nerfs applied on the game's beasts. For instance, the spawn weight and aggro range of the Therizonosaurus have been significantly decreased. The full patch notes of the update can be seen here.

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