MacBook Pro 2017 Redesigned, Touch Bar To Say Goodbye Too Soon

Months after the release of the latest MacBook Pro, Apple might have realized that its new design is not exactly working. The devices' Touch Bar may not have become as necessary and as popular to laptop users as expected. With that said, the MacBook Pro 2017 could be ditching this feature and the laptop series could be once again redesigned.

According to a report reinforced by developer Marco Arment, the upcoming Mac Pro that is prepared for a 2018 launch has only started development recently. It was said that Apple may have been slightly taken aback by the poor response to the latest MacBook Pro and needed to amp up the limelight to the segment. As a result of the poor MacBook Pro feedback, the upcoming update might ditch the Touch Bar feature.

The said laptop series was not only criticized for the debatable usefulness of the Touch Bar. The said MacBook Pro was also criticized for its price. It's worth noting that the base model of the latest MacBook Pro starts at $1499 and it does not have the Touch Bar. The highest model, on the other hand, comes with a Touch Bar and starts at $2399. While the controversial feature may seem like a positive innovation to some, there are actually other laptops that can beat the MacBook Pro when it comes to specs and price. Some of which are even touchscreens.

Needless to say, the ditching of the Touch Bar for the MacBook Pro is not the only step Apple will be taking for future products. According to recent reports, the company might also be working on synergistic features between its OS's including the possibility of hooking up the iPad Pro to a Mac for a Cintiq-like device. Additionally, there is also a patent application for Apple to be able to develop a Magic Keyboard with a Touch Bar. With that said, there might be a better place for the Touch Bar after all.

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