Pokemon GO: Biggest Game Update Arriving; Details Here

Earlier last week, Pokémon GO fans have been actively speculating about the possible arrival of Easter Event to the game. Several fans are actively dropping their Easter Event predictions recently. Though most of them are possible, however, it was noted recently that players should not focus much on Easter and start preparing for the upcoming major patches of the game.

According to Express, Niantic confirmed that the team is moving toward launching their major game updates, which could bring a massive change to the game. Recently, the company posted a message on its website celebrating Pokémon GO's latest achievement. As seen in the post, the developer teased the upcoming plans for the game and what players should expect in the future game updates.

Each award received by Pokémon GO is an evidence to the game's outstanding and supportive community. On top of that, Niantic mentioned that players would see a much bigger announcement this coming spring. This news somehow coincides with the recent rumors regarding the major revamp on Teams.

It appears that the company is currently working on a game patch that would bring a massive change to the role of Team play while adding new gameplay features at the same time. One of these changes is related to the appearance of the in-game map having several gym locations being dyed with the color of the team that is currently in charge. Additionally, it would cover a much wider radius compared before.

On the other hand, players might see each team-controlled Gyms sharing links over distances with each other. Team Missions are seemingly another gameplay change that Niantic has been currently working on that could result in a single goal worldwide. This change might lead to the release of the first Legendary Pokémon in the game. However, the company has not confirmed any of these as of now.

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