Overwatch: Uprising Event Skins Leak On Xbox Live

Just before Overwatch's Uprising event arrives, players are treated with a preview of some of the new skins that the heroes will be donning in the game. All thanks to leaks that were said to have originated from the game's Xbox Live platform. However, there is no confirmation yet from Blizzard if the leaked images are true or not.

Overwatch's Uprising Skins' Accidental Leak

It is traditional for Blizzard to release new skins for every event that will happen in Overwatch. One lucky Reddit user was said to have seen what the possible new skins will look like for the Uprising event in Xbox Live. Almost instantly, the Overwatch community members seemed to have confirmed in unity that the said leaked skins were legit.

According to VG247, the leaked image features Mercy, Torbjorn, Tracer and Reindhart wearing blue and silver uniforms. Some are speculating that those will be the only skins released for the heroes of Overwatch. The game's logo on the said-to-be new skins seemed to be replaced also.

However, since Blizzard announced before that there will be new skins for Widowmaker and McCree, players may need to wait for the official announcement of what skins will be part of King's Row Uprising event, as per PVP Live. As for the leaked image, there is a possibility that the skins might be even better once the event goes live.

Uprising Event Will Be About Overwatch's History

Since players have been asking for the background of Overwatch, the Uprising event will answer all their queries. The said event was preluded by a comic that involved Strike Captain Jack Morrison when he decided to fight for what is right for everyone, according to GameSpot.

In addition, the Uprising comic reveals how Tracer manages to be part of the Overwatch team. They will also see how Genji was when he is still a member of Blackwatch. Players also believe that what he is wearing in the said comics will be part of the new skins for the upcoming event.

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