Mass Effect Andromeda: Latest Patch Causes Some Major Performance Issues

Mass Effect Andromeda just received its latest patch that addressed some of the issues about the awkward facial animations. However, the update also brought along more performance issues, especially for PC players.

Performance Issues For PC Players

There is no doubt that the latest patch for Mass Effect fixed the game in many ways and improved on the areas, which were heavily criticized. In spite of this, the game also received some major technical problems since the update with no actual working solution at the moment.

To begin with, some PC players are running into some startup problems, as per Game Rant. While EA has offered a "solution" on its help page, it is actually nothing more than just a basic solution. BioWare, on the other hand, has somewhat addressed the concern and offered three solutions.

Firstly, players should try to update the game via Origins to see if the patch has not properly gone through. The second solution is that fans should simply play the game in offline mode. Lastly, they could delete the Andromeda.exe files and completely reinstall the game. Even so, some are still reporting that these "solutions" do not actually solve the problem but it still might help other players.

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Still Broken?

Meanwhile, Forbes shares that the multiplayer has seemingly become more imbalanced after the update. Instead of focusing on the more important aspects of the game, they buffed the enemies and nerfed the characters. Skills still need buffs while other guns like assault rifles and shotguns also need more power.

BioWare has yet to respond to the new multiplayer features so it seems like fans will just have to wait for further news. It is still unsure of what they plan to do regarding the PC performance issues but seeing as how they already acknowledged the problem, it might be safe to say they are looking further into it. Mass Effect Andromeda is now available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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