Mass Effect Andromeda LGBT Controversy Explained, BioWare's Possible Plan Of Action

Mass Effect Andromeda has been under fire for its underwhelming LGBT scenes compared to the other romance options. With this in mind, will BioWare address this specific concern from their fans?

LGBT Romance Scenes In Mass Effect Andromeda

The Mass Effect franchise has been very open with their romance options since the first game. Not only did it contain steamy intimate scenes but also the fact that players could romance same-sex non-playable characters (NPCs). However, Kotaku reports that the LGBT romance options in Andromeda have left many fans heartbroken.

The game has been under fire for the way it handles the said intimate scenes, especially for the male characters. Players have been taking their complaints to social media where they accuse BioWare of treating LGBT romance as nothing more but an "afterthought."

Similarly, fans pointed out that Scott Ryder can only romance two males and plenty of female characters. Sara, on the other hand, can romance a fair amount of both male and female NPCs. Moreover, the two said male characters are not actually squadmates and merely appear during selected quests.

Another nitpick players have noted is that the romance scenes are mere "fade-to-black" sequences than showing the risqué acts. However, it is worth noting that the other similar scenes for other NPCs show partial nudity and them actually doing the act. For this reason, many fans feel "tricked" into buying the game as BioWare boasted about the large number of romance scenes the game had but was particularly silent regarding LGBT romance options.

BioWare's Solution To The Controversy?

In response to this, creative director Mac Walters recently responded to the "#MakeJaalBi" Twitter campaign, as per J Station X. He tweeted for fans to bear with them while they continue to look for ways to improve the game. With this in mind, it is quite evident that the development team did not seem to plan for these kinds of situations.

Even so, it seems like they are trying to find a way to appease all of their players. For now, fans will have to wait for further news regarding future romance scenes. Those who want to play Mass Effect Andromeda can get a copy for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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