‘Outlander Season 3' Almost Done; Producer And Set Photos Hint At Show's Progress

Fans are undeniably excited to see the release of the new season of “Outlander”. To heighten the excitement, set photos were revealed and the show’s producer even hinted the production’s progress.

“Outlander” Season 3 Production Going Well

Starz has already confirmed that “Outlander” Season 3 will be out in September this year. However, that does not stop the production crew from handing out updates on the show even when it is still filming the new episodes. Just recently, Matthew B. Roberts, one of the producers of the “Outlander” television series have posted an update on his official Twitter account, which says, “Just wrote -- FADE OUT #Outlander S3 Now my search for typos begins. #wishmeluck this may take a while.”

Roberts is also the writer for the said Starz show and his update clearly hints that they are done with the script with “Outlander” Season 3 and are in the processing of reviewing it. This signals a beacon that the production is almost at its end and will be ready by the scheduled release date, which Starz will hopefully release soon. Roberts’s public announcement came out as soon as the news on an “Outlander” spin-off is actually in the works.

Updates From Filming Sets Released

Aside from the recent announcement of the show’s progress, photos and videos from the filming set are occasionally dropped to keep fans up to date. The most recent update is the cast filming in South Africa with author Diana Gabaldon coming along with them. Gabaldon joined the crew and cast in South Africa to help with the story of “Outlander” Season 3, which will be based on her novel, “Voyager”.

The cast and crew have already finished filming scenes in Edinburgh, Scotland for “Outlander” Season 3. If fans have already read the books then they would know that the filming locations indicate the different timelines that the upcoming season will be showcasing. The third season of “Outlander” will be putting back Claire in a time traveling adventure, this time with her daughter, to find Jamie.

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