Duggar Family Latest News: Jana Being Courted By Lawson Bates? “Counting On” Star Jinger Duggar Five Months Pregnant?

Fans of the Duggar family were wondering why Jana, the eldest of the daughters, has not been married yet. Her three younger sisters were already married. Jinger is rumored to be five months pregnant with Jeremy Vuolo's child. This latest news about the family will probably change the situation in the family. The latest reports seem to indicate that Lawson Bates is courting Jana.

Is Lawson Bates Courting Jana Duggar?

However, Kelly Bates has belied these reports. She stated that perhaps Jana and Lawson Bates will be shocked with this Duggar family latest news. Kelly said that Jana and Lawson are just good friends. She added that both the Bates and the Duggars are not aware that there is courtship going on between the two.

The latest news about Duggar family probably started when they visited the Bates family recently. Reports have suggested that the Duggars were there not just to pay a friendly visit to the Bates but to accomplish another purpose. And that other purpose is the courtship going on between Jana and Lawson Bates.

Is Jinger Duggar Really Pregnant?

In a related note, Jinger Duggar is rumored to be five months pregnant with the child of Jeremy Vuolo. The two just got married last November 2016.  At that time, the couple was quoted as saying they would like to start their own family very soon. Are they on track with their family plans?

It was only last week when photos of Jinger concealing her baby bump broke out online, sparking rumors that she is already pregnant. The couple has not confirmed whether the latest rumors are true. If they are true, there will be another child who will be born to the ever-growing Duggar family. In this connection, perhaps the rumor about the courtship going on between Jana and Lawson Bates may turn out to be true. What do you think? 

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