Destiny 2 To Use Steam For PC Release? Details Here

There are speculations that Bungie has a different plan for Destiny 2 PC version. The forthcoming sequel might be sold via Steam. If this is true, some say this might be a better idea rather than selling a physical copy of the next installment.

Will Destiny 2 PC Version Be A Digital Game?

As previously known, Activision is the publisher of the much-awaited sequel. However, even if there is enough budget for Destiny 2, there are still chances that Bungie will choose to release a digital version for PC on Steam, according to Express. It seems that the developer is following the footsteps of Blizzard.

However, Activision and Bungie have not yet confirmed the speculations about Destiny 2's PC version being available on Steam, as per Game Rant. Players need to wait for any official announcement from the both parties if their hunches are right.

Of course, PC users are happy when the news revealed that Destiny 2 will be playable on their platform. They have been wanting to try Destiny, as it was console-exclusive before. Some even say that Bungie's profit might increase compared to before, in this scenario.

Two Exciting Information About Destiny 2

Loots became very important in Destiny. However, this may not be the same case for Destiny 2. As reported, players need a new set of weapons and armors in the sequel most. They also need to forget all their previous collections from the current installment and should focus on acquiring new ones.

Moreover, losing all the weapons from the first game do not matter that much, as their guardians will be carried over to Destiny 2. Players also need to finish the Black Garden Mission and reach the level of 20 to use their favorite guardians in the sequel.

Bungie made sure that new things and features will be seen and experienced in Destiny 2. Now that the upcoming installment will be available for PC, which means a probability of gaining more number of players, the developer should focus on making every single detail better compared to Destiny.

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