Bungie Confirms That Destiny Characters Can Be Carried Over To Destiny 2

In what might seem to be the announcement of the Age of Triumph, which is the last update for the highly acclaimed game Destiny, turned out to be more of a clue rather than an announcement. Specifically, Bungie has released the announcement of the coming update for Destiny and at the same time hinted on developments for its upcoming sequel Destiny 2.

Age Of Triumph

According to Bungie, the company is planning to reveal the last live event for Destiny and that they will be calling it the Age of Triumph. Accordingly, the company wants to make the event fun and memorable, as it would mark the closing of the first major chapter in Destiny. Although the event would be the last of its kind, Bungie promises that there would be interesting prizes and challenges awaiting the players in the said event. At the moment, Bungie has set a series of livestreams to show what the event is all about, which starts on March 8, when Bungie plans to reveal the Age of Triumph.

Destiny 2 Updates

In an article by Kotaku, along with the announcement for the Age of Triumph, Bungie has also mentioned that players can carry over their character from Destiny over to Destiny 2. However, it's only the character's appearance that would carry over and that they would have to leave behind their beloved powers, abilities, weapons and gears.

Specifically, Bungie says that, they understand that players have grown attached to their Guardians, so they plan to preserve the character personalization and that they've come to recognize the player's dedication and hard work in personalizing their character's race, class, gender, hair, face and markings. However in order to be carried over, the player needs to be at Level 20 and must have finished the Black Garden Story. The company also plans to award all the veteran accounts with honors that reflect their Destiny achievements.

Furthermore, the company goes on to say that sequels signify the start of a new adventure for the player with new content to discover and enjoy. This idea has led the company to decide that for the player's and the game's best interest, to leave behind everything like the powers, abilities, weapons, Ever-verse items and more.

Players should cherish Destiny as much as they can before the release of Destiny 2 and should make sure to accomplish the requirements to be able to carry over their character. As of the moment, there is no announcement yet when Bungie plans to release Destiny 2, however it's safe to assume that they are working hard to make it a reality.

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