‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Spoilers: Saitama To Be Defeated By Someone Weaker But Wiser? Expected Release Date Revealed

The latest "One Punch Man" Season 2 spoilers might have been unwittingly revealed by none other than ONE, its creator. He recently shared a meme of a crossover of his two manga series. Some fans speculated that this crossover concept design might have revealed something that could be featured in the anime's upcoming season.

Reigen Is Throwing Salt At Saitama's Bald Head

ONE has superimposed his other hit manga series "Mob Psycho 100" to "One Punch Man" in the artwork. In doing so, he might have leaked some spoilers as to what will happen to Saitama in season two. The meme shows Reigen, the hero of the other manga series, throwing some salt in the hairless head of Saitama. Reigen is doing it in the style of Salt Bae, the famous Turkish Chef.

In the meme's background is Genos, who is witnessing the daring act of Reigen against Saitama. Mob is there as well and seems to be anxious as to what will happen with what Reigen is doing to the bald hero. How did ONE portray Saitama's reaction? It seems that Saitama is not pleased by what Reigen is doing to him. Does that mean he is starting to get angry at Reigen?

Saitama Could Be Defeated By Someone More Intelligent

If ONE decides to pursue his present line of thinking and put it in his hit webcomic series "One Punch Man" Season 2, Saitama could face an enemy who is weaker physically, but stronger mentally. A Reigen-type of villain could be his match and he could be defeated. Fans will remember that Saitama was only ranked as a B-Class hero in the anime series since he failed his mental tests.

Production Is In Full Swing

In a related development, Shueisha came out with a recent advertisement about the status of "One Punch Man" Season 2. The spoilers indicate that its production is in progress. However, the advert did not say when the premiere episode will be released. Fans are hoping that the anime will return this coming winter.

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