'Lucifer' Season 2 Episode 14 Trailer Introduces God Johnson; Chloe Unable To Accept Lucifer's Flee

Fans are already anxious to see the continuation of "Lucifer" season 2 which will return on small screens in May. The new trailer for the 14th episode of "Lucifer" skyrocketed the thrill as his most-awaited meet up with his dad was confirmed. Also, things might get rockier between Lucifer and Chloe as the latter is still unable to accept the reasons of the devil for abandoning her.

Timothy Omundson is coming to the City of Angels as he will play a role vital to Lucifer Morningstar's being. The trailer for the spring opener of "Lucifer" season 2 shows the devil startled as he meets Omundson's God Johnson whom he calls "dad." It can be recalled that Lucifer Morningstar felt betrayed by her mother and Chloe whom he believes deceived him in God's orders. It might then be a bittersweet reunion between God and Lucifer as the series comes back on May 1.

The truth though about Chloe might be realized by Lucifer later in season 2, episode 14 where previous teasers clarify the devil's doubts about his lover. It was previewed earlier how Chloe is upset about Lucifer's flee. She will, however, become more disappointed when she learns the reasons why she was left out by her love interest. In addition, spoilers revealed that she will be pushing Lucifer away when he tries to return to her life. The biggest shocker though that might destroy their relationship will be the presence of a mysterious woman named Candy Morningstar.

Many are speculating that the stripper has actually become Lucifer's wife hence carrying the devil's family name. It is theorized that Lucifer will meet Candy along his way to his revenge against the people whom he believes betrayed him including Chloe. It might then be too late to realize he was mistaken when he doubted Chloe's intentions as speculations persist that Lucifer will be wed to Candy.

It can be recalled that "Lucifer" season 2, episode 13 ended with the devil planning to exact his revenge. Charlotte is also aware of her son's plans as she warns her eldest, Amenadiel, about Lucifer coming back for them. The trailer also shows Lucifer discussing his plans "slamming the gates on her (Charlotte) backside" before he wishes her mother and brother to get what they deserve.

Episode 14 picks up two weeks after Chloe's close brush with death, and as per Fox, when Lucifer finally returns to LA, he won't be alone. The official synopsis teases that there is a "mysterious new woman in his life".

Fox's supernatural drama returns on May 1 with the "Candy Morningstar" episode. "Lucifer" season 2 will only continue with four more episodes as the 19th to 22nd chapters are moved as part of season 3.

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