LG V30 May Come With Astonishing 4-Camera System

LG is not done yet. Despite the early success of its flagship device for this year, the LG G6 was quickly overwhelmed by the Samsung Galaxy S8. LG is looking to get the momentum back with what is quickly being considered a phenomenal phablet - the LG V30.

The reason why many are now anticipating the LG V30 is because of an image that was recently leaked. The said photo shows what looks likely to be the front glass panel of the flagship phablet. The image posted on Slashleaks clearly shows a couple of holes on the upper left corner of the panel. The notable round cutouts are highly indicative that the LG V30 may sport a dual front-facing camera set-up. If this is the case, the LG phablet will give the so-called "Selfie Expert", the Oppo F3 Plus, a run for its money. The Oppo F3 Plus' claim to fame is that it will have an 8-megapixel front-facing camera intended for taking the perfect selfie.

 If the LG V30 does come out with two front cameras, it will possibly be the very first device to have four cameras in total. The previous LG phablet already had a dual camera system at the back and it is unlikely that the company will regress in terms of its already impressive features.

Inquisitr also noted that the glass panel had a cutout right beside the two holes presumably for the front-facing cameras. This cutout somewhat proves the previous rumor that the LG V30 will still have dual displays similar to its predecessor.

According to GSM Arena, the LG V30 will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor. Samsung currently has exclusivity rights for the said processor but it is expected to be available to devices that will be released after the Galaxy S8. Other rumors circulating say that the LG V30 will have 6GB of RAM and an even better DAC. However, the most impressive rumor for the LG V30 remains the possibility of an astonishing four-camera set-up.

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