'Steven Universe' Creator Rebecca Sugar Is Not Sure About Show's Future After Season 5; 'Lion 4: Alternate Ending' Episode Leaked

"Steven Universe" might be on another hiatus but the hit Cartoon Network series was still be renewed for its fifth season. It was then revealed that the fifth installment will feature a downright exciting arc as Rebecca Sugar said she is not sure whether the next season will be the series' last. Meanwhile, "Steven Universe" will soon continue with "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" where leaks reveal Steven finding a message from his mother.

The fandom of "Steven Universe" have been disappointed to see the cartoon series going on another break. After the "Room for Ruby" episode was released, no other official chapters came out although the "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" was initially slated for an end of March showing. Cartoon Network once again kept mum about the break but some followers claim that the show is just on another art development.

Due to the absence of announcements and updates from the network, fans of "Steven Universe" are hoping at the possibility to see a new episode after the Easter celebration. However, followers of the show might no longer need to wait for that long as a full leak of "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" is already available online.

The episode sees Steven decoding the secret message of Rose Quartz for him to determine his so-called purpose in life. With the help of Lion, he was able to find another tape which was labeled with "Nora." Steven then decides to find Nora but was rather led by Lion to his father, Greg. The duo watched the tape which was actually the same footage he found on "Lion 3: Straight to the Video" episode. However, Rose is calling out on a girl named Nora on the tape instead of Steven.

The half-gem half-human boy was then confused but Greg was clear to explain that Nora was a name they prepared if in case Rose gives birth to a baby girl. Steven was getting more upset as he cannot find the answers to his queries but the tape continued to play with an unseen-before footage where Rose continues with her message for Steven. The young Universe then realized his mother was only asking for him to be a human and a kid who could continue to take care of the beings she once cared about.

With the "Steven Universe" season 4, episode 21 already out online, fans are now wondering when they can get the remainder of the installment. Meanwhile, the hit cartoon series is fated to deliver more episodes as it was recently renewed by Cartoon Network along with other shows. Reports say that Rebecca Sugar is planning something big for the next installment since she is not sure whether season 5 will serve as the series finale or not. Fans are expecting that answers about the reality about Homeworld, Rose's battle, the Diamonds, and others will all go down in "Steven Universe" season 5.

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