WWE Biggest Earners Include Brock Lesnar, John Cena And Triple H

WWE started releasing a few information about the in-story roster moves, just before the Monday Night Raw episode. Several girls and guys are supposed to switch brands. Meanwhile, it has been revealed which WWE superstars earn the most. And, the list includes names like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Triple H.

Brock Lesnar is hugely popular among fans, who pay big ticket fees to see him in action. The Beast happens to be one of the biggest star attractions of the company. It's no wonder that McMahon does not hesitate to pay Lesnar $12m (£9.68m), even though Lesnar plays only a handful of matches each year.

The other big earner in WWE is John Cena. Last year, he managed to earn as much as $8m (£6.46m). This shows that the earning does not necessarily reflect one's stardom here. John Cena happens to be the biggest WWE star, but his earning is not the biggest one in the arena. Just like Lesnar, Cena too competes in only a few matches each year. However, his merchandise sells big for the company.

Another WWE veteran, Triple H, earns big through his rare matches and also through his executive role in the company. Almost half of his salary, $3.8m (£3.07m), comes from his salary as the company executive. So, even if he does not play any match for a year, he would still manage to have a decent amount in his bank account, The Sun notes. Other big earners in WWE are Roman Reigns ($3.5m), Dean Ambrose ($2.48) and AJ Styles ($2.41m).

Meanwhile, according to Forbes, Apollo Crews is leaving SmackDown for Monday Night Raw. WWE plans to create extra excitement among fans by leaking a few details in advance about Tuesday's SmackDown. At the same time, it gives a combination of stories, both real and false, to create confusion and intrigue among fans.

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